Into the Foodture 26-31 mars

The Initiative Forum is a yearly conference where over 300 young change-makers from all over the world gather in the Swedish centre of bio-dynamic agriculture. This five day conference ”Into the Foodture – feeding change“ will take you on an explorational journey into health and nutrition, sustainable agriculture and the celebration around food that is uniquely human.
Our many fascinating contributors which include farmers, producers, chefs and consumers from all over the world will raise awareness about what sustains us. We invite you to ask yourself the following questions;

How is our relationship to the world expressed through the foods we choose?
What does it mean to nourish our bodies as well as our souls?
How can we make heartfelt and mind-full connections between delicious chocolate and child labour, exploited cows and disappearing rainforests?

By asking these questions we aim to open the shutters onto the reality of the world we create each day. We will travel together through the process of growing, harvesting, transporting, selling, buying, cooking, eating, digesting and waste disposal. We will consider how these linear stages could be transformed into a cycle which reflects nature more effectively.
We will endeavour to balance information with direct action so that by joining us, you will feel empowered to not only take your own health and wellbeing into your hands, but also that of our planet.
We invite you to plant seeds of change with us with which we can grow an abundant future for all.
The conference, organised by The Youth Initiative Programme, will take place from the 26th-31st of March in Ytterjärna, Sweden and will feature a delicious menu almost entirely of local, organic and bio-dymanic produce.