Järna Festival Academy

14/7 Lördag kl 16:00


En kammarmusikkonsert från Järna Festival Academy.

Om konserten i deras ord:

Taking it’s name from Erik Satie’s collection of 21 (extremely) short pieces, this afternoon concert ventures into the realm of entertainment and leisure. The music evokes the feelings of such different forms of amusements as visiting a museum, going for a ski trip, playing computer games, watching fireworks, dancing and much more.

We are happy to have Denise Clarke feature both as the narrator in Jean Sibelius’s Lonely Ski Trail, and as a dancer/actor in a unique performance of Erik Satie’s Sports et Divertissements.

Jean Sibelius –  Ett ensamt skidspår
Ben Houge –  Suite från Arcanum, of Steamworks and Magic Obscura
Erik Satie –  Sports et Divertissements
Huw Watkins –  4 Spencer Pieces
Ernő Dohnányi –  Serenade op. 10
Medverkande: Liza Ferschtmann, Yura Lee, Lilli Maijala, Jakob Koranyi, Peter Friis Johansson, Huw Watkins, Denise Clarke
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