LOST IN SKYSPACE (Per Gross med vänner)

Järna Festival Academy

14/7 Lördag kl 21:00


En exklusiv konsert i Kulturcentrums skyspace.
Don’t miss the once-in-a-lifetime concert in James Turrell’s slow-art installation, Skyspace.
As twilight transitions to full night, the natural world will provide the spectacle, blended with artful illumination and soundtracked by meditative baroque and contemporary music presented by one of Europe’s finest baroque trios.
The exclusive nature of the event, as the Skyspace audience is limited to an audience of 25, is reflected in a higher ticket price.

Medverkande: Per Gross, Mime Yamahiro Brinkmann, Jonas Nordberg

Konsertlängd: 2h15

Köp biljetter: