Is This The End?

Järna Festival Academy

Järna festival academy öppningskonsert


Vi på Kulturhuset i Ytterjärna har äran att berätta att Järna Festival Academy kommer till Kulturhuset i år igen.
En kammarmusikfestival med professionella musiklärare/artister och talangfulla studenter.


Järna Festival Academy skriver:

The whole world is in front of you with endless adventures on the horizon. But then the room grows dark; pictures of your life replayed in flashes – your triumphs, your loves, your losses; a final breath, a final beat of the heart…and now, what? Is this the end?

The opening programme pays homage to the music and legacy of composers whose lives were cut short. Fate is the tricksiest mistress, and you won’t believe the noir richness of morbidity presented at tonight’s special event.




Enrique Granados – Piano Quintet op. 49
Lili Boulanger –  Nocturne et Cortege
Ernest Chausson –  Piéce op. 39
Sergei Prokofiev –  5 melodies op. 35
Anton Webern –  Complete works for Cello and Piano
André Caplet –  Conte Fantastique
Medverkande: Liza Ferschtmann, Yura Lee, Lilli Maijala, Jakob Koranyi, Giovanni Gnocchi, Huw Watkins, Erik Groenestein-Hendriks, Denise Clarke
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