Intervju med YIP

Inför deras Roots to Routes i påsk

Intervju med två studenter från YIP inför deras ”Roots to Routes” upplevelse med Initiative Forum 2019 (på engelska)



What is YIP?

YIP is a platform for young people to develop their fullest potential, to expand their understanding, find their authentic task in society and take initiative towards a better world.

The program bases itself on the integral understanding of the world as one living, interconnected whole in which everything influences everything. This fosters a global and multi-factorial consciousness vital for healthy living today.


YIP seeks to support young people as they explore this integral understanding of the modern world. It gives the opportunity to study and test entrepreneurial principles and skills and apply these within existing integral initiatives or to create new initiatives that foster this understanding of our interconnectedness. The term societal entrepreneur as used by YIP, does not describe a limited group or profession but rather describes people and initiatives that base their actions on this integral paradigm. Through allowing young people to explore this paradigm shift and with it face and develop themselves and society, YIP seeks to support these young people to become leaders of a new, more sustainable and integrated lifestyle and future.


People come from all over the world and you are this year 25 students from 14 different countries, where are you from?

That is correct, the two of us are from Australia and Belgium, and we are here for the one-year programme, and just got back from our internships from all over the world.


When and why did you decide to become a YIP?

We both decided quite recently that this was something we wanted to do. We had known about YIP for a long time through school, but it took some time to actually apply for the programme. “For me I wasn’t sure that I would even enjoy it as much as I have, but once coming here every piece of the puzzle fell into place and I now understand myself better and can fully say that I am now a part of YIP.”


Tell me more about this event, and how is it different from previous years?

First of all, we just want to express how fun but also challenging this has been for us to organize. We were just all away for several months on our internships and as we were away we had to try to speak over the phone or computer to get everything ready for our return here to Ytterjärna. The Initiative forum runs for 5 days and includes a lot of fun activities to help everyone find themselves while also discovering how to make the world a better place for the future. The teachers we have had throughout the year are not really teachers as much as they are experts in their field, and they have thought us so much this year, so we want to do the same for others whom are interested in finding out more.


During this 5-day journey, we want to bring people together and give them the experience from living in a community. Everybody will sleep at the school and have activities during the daytime all around campus and then in the evening in Kulturhuset I Ytterjärna where there will be singing, dancing and a lot of fun things going on.

We believe that this will help us to come together and share an experience that will last a lifetime and building bonds to one another that you could treasure for the rest of your life, so that we can all move forward to a different and better future together.


This year we are focusing on a theme, Roots to Routes, which means to start from within to be able to move forward. We must travel to our roots to be able to see what routes we can take and if we have to re-route to be able to move forward. And we wish to help everyone find their own roots to be able to make a change.

It will also be different in the way we do this 5-day journey, it won’t be the typical lecture where you sit and listen for 3 hours straight. It will require the participants to be more active and do a lot of things themselves.

We will provide open spaces where people can open up and talk, but also try on activities they might not have done before, as well as singing, joking, dancing and a lot more. We have really focused on inviting everyone to this event in a joyful way, and that is the thread we will follow throughout the journey. “Let me just say, it won’t be boring!”


We are so happy now that it all has started to come together and it is only little time left until we finally get to see this project unfold and hopefully meet some happy people that will benefit and learn from this experience, as we have.


Can you buy different tickets?

Yes, you can buy the whole 5-day programme (which is highly recommended). But you can also buy a ticket for the nights at Kulturhuset where we will be dancing, hosting local Dj’s and much more. But we think it is important to understand that the ones who but the full 5-day programme, will probably also be talking and bonding about what they have gone through during the days. So therefore we recommend everyone who is able, to book the full 5-day journey ticket.


And to finish this off we will ask you both three quick questions, ready?

1.What would you bring to a deserted island?
A machete – A hammock

2.What is your favourite tool?
A triangle to play music on – A nice pencil

3.What is your favourite food?
I’m going to be boring and say chocolate – I will say something freshly picked, like a coconut just picked from the three.


Du kan läsa mer om denna unika upplevelse och köpa biljetter här!


Några av de medverkande för denna upplevelse i år är:
– Human right activist and community organizer Kait Ziegler
– Sami elder Laila Spik
– Activist and storyteller Glòria Granell Barberà
– Artistic entrepreneur Kalina Juzwiak